2021 The Year of Revolution

2021 The Year of Revolution

Resolution vs Revolution

It’s that time when we step into a new year with well-meaning resolutions to do better and be better.  The first day of a new year and the time we make resolutions.  After the year that 2020 turned out to be I am sure many of us are tentative to make any resolutions for 2021.  One meaning of a ‘Resolution’ “is a firm decision to do or not to do something”. So, the only resolution some of us might make is not to make any resolutions.  This year why not go a step further and create your personal revolution?

Another meaning of ‘Revolution’ “is a very sharp change made to something”. So as 2021 has arrived it is time to make some sharp changes. Changes that will revolutionise our lives regardless of how 2021 unfolds.  You don’t have to be Toussaint Louverture to break the chains of bondage but you can take full control of your life and not let anyone or anything hold you hostage.  Don’t be a slave, be a survivor.  You don’t have to be Martin Luther King to dream, you are allowed to dream and turn your dream in to reality. The trick is to stop dreaming and start your own revolution.

Be your own Malcolm X and transform your life “by any means necessary”.  Rebel against the limiting beliefs that have restrained you from creating the change you’ve longed for.  Leave those beliefs behind in 2020 and allow the possibilities to happen in 2021.  Time to bring about the revolution in our lives.  Time for the change that we have been contemplating.  Take the written resolution to action through the revolution.  Bring about that radical change that would transform our lives turning our dreams into reality.  

So for 2021 resolve to revolutionise!

Words by Alliouagana Pearl

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