Celebrating Women & Heritage

Celebrating Women & Heritage

March – Celebrating Women & Heritage

Everybody is loyal to the month of their birth and that month will always be the best month for them.  As a March born Pisces Queen, I stand guilty of claiming this month as the Best Month ever!  After the 31st I will allow other months to claim their superiority.  Have you noticed that all 365 days of the year seem to be a National Day for something?  Well March is no exception.  For the next 31 days there will be Days such as National Grammar Day, National Dress in Blue Day, National Jewel Day and National Prom Day, to name a few.  But here at Alliouagana Pearl we are focusing on Celebrating Women and Heritage for this Marvellous Month of March.

Two days in March will spotlight Women for the amazing human beings we are.  8 March is International Women’s Day and 14 March is Mothering Sunday in the UK.  And as an aside, somewhere in there is my birthday!  Jus saying.  All women the world over will be celebrated on International Women’s Day for their strength, versatility, resilience and courage. These characteristics are embedded in the DNA of the female and manifest in different ways.  

Get ready for a new Blog feature “Chit Chat for a Bit” that launches on International Women’s Day with the spotlight on an amazing International Strat Woman. This feature will pop up every now and then as I invite guests to join me for a chit-chat.  We are also celebrating women with discounts on The Caribbean Woman Mug and signed Tamarind Seeds books from 1st to 13th March.  One new item we are introducing, that we know will be popular with the ladies is the “Freedom Candle”.  A delightfully fragranced coconut wax candle in honour of our Montserrat ancestors who perished in March 1768 with a special introductory price between 3rd and 13th March.

Montserratians celebrate our heritage 12 months of the year, but March has special significance as the date 17 March is important in our history.  In 1985 17 March was declared an annual Public Holiday on Montserrat to celebrate our heritage.  On 17 March 1768, a courageous group of enslaved Africans took a stand for their freedom, strategically choosing that date knowing their Irish owners would be celebrating their patron Saint Patrick.  Even though their plans were betrayed resulting in the lynching of 9 identified heroes, Montserratians now commemorate this date in honour of the freedom we enjoy today and to acknowledge the Irish aspects of our history.  Two plaques and a pendant based on two of my poems “My Green” and “Let The Drums Beat” will be introduced from 5 March to 17 March in celebration of our heritage

So, along with the other 31 days of Marvellous March the spotlight will shine brighter on Monday 8, Sunday 14 and Thursday 17 March here on www.alliouaganapearl.com.  This month we celebrate Women & Heritage!

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