#Choosetochallenge for International Women's Day

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#Choosetochallenge for International Women's Day

It’s Complicated
Why is our love so complicated?  That’s not the way it should be
I try reaching out to you but you’re coldly indifferent to me
You turn down my tentative offers with arrogant scorn
When all I really want is for you to give your love in return
Why are you avoiding my eyes? That’s not the way it should be
I keep sending you signals but you won’t even look at me
You shun any advances I make without even considering
That all I really want is for you to accept the love I’m giving
Why is it so easy to reject me? That’s not the way it should be
I keep trying to meet you halfway but you always evade me
You rebuff me with barriers, putting up a strong defence
Not realising that together we can make the strongest offence.
It doesn’t have to be complicated.  That’s the way it should be
The love I offer has no hidden, ulterior or physical motive
But a deep desire to create a mighty sisterhood nation
In which we unite in love for one another – Woman to Woman
Copyright – Myrle Roach


The 2021 theme for International Women’s Day is “Choose to Challenge”.  And today I choose to challenge the stereotype that women don't love one another. I challenge women to show love for one another, stop turning down your sisters offers, stop shunning their advances, stop putting up defenses against the unknown.  Get to know the sister who offers you that smile of sisterhood and together make the first step in building that mighty sisterhood nation that can rule the world.  That’s my challenge to you, my sisters.


Happy International Women’s Day to you awesome women! 
I see you and your amazing selves.


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