Nostalgia at Christmas Time

Nostalgia at Christmas Time

Nostalgia can overtake you just by seeing a picture, hearing a song or seeing an old friend.  Sometimes it is stronger at special times of the year, like birthdays and holiday seasons like Christmas. For some especially at Christmas. 

Caribbean people living outside of the Caribbean become nostalgic at Christmas. It's a time we remember traditions such as music, cultural figures, food and special events.  We get homesick for these things and want them to be in our lives.  So we try to create these memories wherever we are in the world.  

Words By Alliouagana Pearl has created the Tamarind Seeds Nostalgia Series and is excited to present it.  Some of the nostalgia relates directly to my homeland Montserrat while others will appeal to Caribbean nationals regardless of the island that is special to your memories.  

On Friday 13 November we are excited to present The Tamarind Seeds Nostalgia Limited Edition of Christmas Cards, Gift Tags, Christmas Decorations and The Nostalgia Keepsake Box.  Mark the date in your calendar to visit the site and see the goodies that have been created to appeal to the Caribbean in you at this nostalgic time of year.  Browse and buy before the Limited Editions run out.

Happy Christmas Everyone 🌲🌲🌲



  • Jo-Ann

    No hidden agenda; I dedicate time and effort to promote this Alliougana Pearl and her products. She is my sister from another mother 🇸🇭 💖

  • Ida Pierre

    I dont see Christmas cards listed here.

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