Tamarind Seeds Activity Book

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This activity book has been derived from the book Tamarind Seeds to engage with young people from 5 years upwards.   

Tamarind Seeds is a book of Caribbean poetry inspired by the author’s life, her memories of growing up and living in her native island Montserrat followed by her migration to the UK.  It incorporates the story of the volcanic eruptions that started on the island in 1995 and the varying effects it had on the lives of Montserratians.   

Five poems have been chosen from the book and a series of activities put together around each poem to interact with young people through their creativity and intellect.  There are also some activities that do not relate directly to any of the poems but will encourage young people to research Montserrat and the Caribbean and other facts. 

Just as the book of poetry was written with the intention of evoking different reactions to each poem from readers, this activity book has been created to appeal in different ways to young people.  The activities are designed to stimulate their minds and imagination while informing, educating and entertaining..   

The activities can be used by educators, parents, carers, after-school facilitators and the like.  They cover areas such as Phonics, Geography, Language, Grammar and Humanities.  It will motivate the young people to learn more about the island of Montserrat, its history and heritage. Young people will be encouraged to create their own images, poetry and stories.   

Enjoy the Tamarind Seeds Activity Book and use it again and again.